trust and safety at our core.

Our commitments to You

In today's world we strongly believe that it's important not just to say we're committed to something - we need to demonstrate that commitment. At The Glue we've invested in external audit and certification of our management and information security systems against global standards to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.


quality in everything

When it comes to operational excellence, we're obsessed with delivering great quality experiences for you, our valued customers. In the end we're human and can make mistakes but we're fully committed to continuous improvement and embed quality and customer satisfaction in every project, service and experience we deliver.

If you have feedback on your experience with us you can reach out directly to your account manager, our customer service team or get in touch via our contact form.

We demonstrate our commitment to quality by:
External certification of our Business and Quality Management System to ISO9001 by BSI under certificate number FS 773490.


securing your experience

Information security is far and away the most significant and rapidly evolving risk facing organisations worldwide. The nature of cybersecurity threats means you need to carefully consider who you entrust your applications, systems and data to. We recognise the position of trust we hold with you our customers and are committed to the highest standards of data protection.

We demonstrate our commitment to security by: 
External certification of our Information Security Management System to ISO27001 by BSI under certificate number IS 773489.


developing our skills and capability

Our global team are experts in their field but what is bleeding edge today might be obsolete a year from now. We know you rely on us to be your go to source for the latest technology which is why we embed learning and development plans for every single team member in our organisation ensuring we always have the capability you need when you need it most. We also maintain a range of partnerships with global technology vendors that in themselves require our team to have specific knowledge and capability in relation to their offerings.

We demonstrate our commitment to skills and capability by:

Recognition of our team skills and capability by global technology vendors including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Cisco.

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