A combined approach to business and technology that sets us apart from our competitors.

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With the rapid development of technology in the world and an ever-increasing reliance on that technology to operate a successful business, it is integral that leadership teams choose a provider they can trust and who delivers on results. Enter The Glue.

Born in the cloud, The Glue is an Australian-based business and technology consulting firm with first-rate business acumen, servicing solo operators to large corporations in the healthcare, financial services, agriculture and member services industries across Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

We are a true end-to-end provider with services and support covering desktop applications, email solutions, data server management, domain registration, antivirus protection, web design and development, and powerful business software – all accessed in the cloud. We leave you free to run your business.

Contrary to the traditional IT model, we offer consumption-based user support where you are only charged for the service we deliver at an hourly fee. No lock-in contracts means we stand by our ability to deliver exceptional results every time.

A business first, technology second approach underpins our consulting services so customers know our strategic advice on IT planning, business continuity, security and hybrid cloud architecture realistically matches company objectives and budgets.

At the heart of The Glue lies genuine integrity, diligence, dependability and a prudent approach to everything we do. And our customers come first. Always.

At The Glue we are never happy with the status-quo and are dedicated to ensuring we are one step ahead of the next best technology solution.

We are ideas-driven. We are entrepreneurial. We are flexible. We will never settle for a less than ultimate solution that ensures our customers can kick their bottom-line goals and remain relevant well into the future.

Our technologists have a relentless drive to solve issues and in real time. 2am or 10am – it doesn’t matter, we offer support 24/7. But we don’t just put a bandaid on a problem. We get to the root of it – every single time – to make sure it never happens again.

If you are looking for a technology provider with expert knowledge and qualifications, who does things differently, and who you can build an authentic relationship with, look no further.

Drop us a line, we’d love to help you navigate the digital world.

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