The Glue offers a range of consulting services to help businesses strategically plan for, implement and troubleshoot technology allowing them to focus on doing what they do best.

We adopt a best for business approach, spending quality time to understand organisations inside out before recommending tailored solutions that deliver great technology outcomes.

Business Continuity

In the digital age, businesses rely on a plethora of technology to operate successfully and remain financially viable. It is therefore essential plans are in place to deal with potential IT interruptions such as no internet access, data backup loss and discontinued products.

IT interruptions are real and can have a damaging effect on a business if not planned for adequately.

The Glue’s business continuity service involves drilling down into the intricate details of your operations, applications and infrastructure, determining the cost of business impacts, and devising a strategic set of solutions to make sure your business can always continue to operate.

A major part of this is addressing response-time objectives and ensuring if you do encounter problems, your frontline services can get on with the job as quickly as necessary.

Business continuity is a complex, but vital part of business. The Glue’s expertise provides peace of mind your technology systems and infrastructure are always going to work when you need them to.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Most businesses today are operating in the cloud, however, many still use on-premise infrastructure as well. In order to move to and operate on the cloud efficiently and cost-effectively, it is essential for businesses to combine these technologies smartly.

We pride ourselves on our engineering team’s breadth and depth of technical capability to understand, interpret and integrate on-premise and cloud software, infrastructure and applications, to make sure customers can operate as efficiently as possible.

Hybrid cloud architecture is a specialist service and our qualified advice ensures you get the right solutions to transform your business technology environment at the get go.

Our proficiency in this space has earned us recognition as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner, a VMware Professional Solution Provider and a Microsoft Cloud Services Partner.

Security Reviews

The Glue can help businesses confidently operate in the digital world by undertaking a comprehensive security review. Our reviews assess the risk of security threats and advise on solutions to significantly minimise an incident occurring.

We investigate external systems and infrastructure to propose tactics that harden network perimeters. We also gauge risk inside a business and advise on strategies to target employee user behaviour and segmentation of internal traffic systems.

IT security is a hot topic and one that can’t be ignored. It is good business and standard technology practice to know where weaknesses lie so that in the event you are compromised, the impact is minimal.

Strategic Planning

The Glue can provide robust, flexible strategic plans for businesses big and small that simplify your technology environment. But we don’t provide a stock-standard IT plan.

We understand that what we recommend today, changes tomorrow and the next day and the next. So we take a different approach. We consider your entire business first – from budgets and assets to business drivers, challenges and industry trends. Then we consider the technology you need and how you can implement it given the demands of cashflow, return on investment and current capabilities.

Our plans incorporate everything from cloud computing and software to infrastructure and depreciation schedules.

We are realistic and smart about technology planning. We allow for changes in your business as well as the flexibility to adapt to tomorrow’s technologies.

Cyber Security Audits

Is your business at risk? Can you afford an attack? What affect would this have on your business?